SMS-900 series
BIG-size Sign & Label printers

The SMS-900 series is an ideal solution to ‘on demand’ sign and label requirements. Fast and easy to use, the SMS-900 series helps you to get important safety messages and identification in place in minutes.

The heavy duty print head, heavy duty cutter assembly and the large range of materials mean the SMS-900 series is long lasting and a major advantage when big signs and labels are needed fast.

Big opportunities

Designed to produce large, bold, long lasting heavy duty signs and labels. The SMS-920 & SMS-930 are solidly engineered systems, built for heavy industrial environments and high workloads.

Print up to 21cm wide!
Vele mogelijkheden!

Meeting your wishes

Complete with Microsoft® approved design software and an enormous library of industrial symbols and signs, the SMS-900 series has a large range of high visibility, high durability materials. Multiple colour signs are easily created using our range of A4 and A5 die-cut pre-printed ‘signs on a roll’.

Easy access

With an integrated ‘heavy duty’ cutter, the SMS-900 series can deliver signs and labels up to 22 CM wide and over 11 Meters in length*. The SMS-900 is designed to be easy to access, so material changing is fast and trouble free.

* SMS-920 prints over 11 meters / SMS-930 prints over 5 meters


Explore the SMS-900 brochure

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For these applications:

  • A4 evacuation instructions
  • Container labels
  • Warehouse & Location labels
  • Machine & Equipment ID
  • ADR & GHS labelling
  • Signage
  • Photoluminescent escape routes
  • Big safety signs
  • Symbols


Print Speed
4 inches per second

300 dpi

Print Width
Max. 8.6″

Print Length
Max. 106″


Printer type
Direct thermal & Thermal transfer
SMS-920 – 203DPI
SMS-930 – 300DPI
Print speed
SMS-920 – Max. 6 ips (152mm/s)
SMS-930 – Max. 4 ips (102mm/s)
Print length
SMS-920 – Max. 450″ (11,430mm)
SMS-930 – Max. 200″ (5,080mm)
Print width
SMS-920 -Max. 8.5″ (216m)
SMS-930 -Max. 8.64″ (219.5mm)
L 514mm x W 440mm x H 336mm
512 MB Flash and 256 MB SDRAM memory
Centronics, RS-232, USB 2.0, Ethernet, SD-slot
16 bits Color, 480 x 272 pixels, with back lights, Resistive Touch Screen
Operation interface
1x On/Off / 6x buttons (Menu, Pause, Feed, Up, Down, Select)
1x “Reflective” (gap) / 1x “Transmissive” (black mark) / 1x “Printhead up” / 1x “Ribbon out” / 1x “Ribbon Encoder”


Input voltage
AC 100~240V, 3.0A, 50~60Hz
Output voltage
DC 24V, 8.33A, 200W