Attention: The SMS-F1 is no longer available. Our multi-functional SMS-430 is the new successor to this system.

SMS-F1 Pro Label & Tag Printer

SMS-F1 Pro Label & Tag Systeem

The SMS-F1 is an industrial sign and labelling machine designed for the demands of Industry and the growing range of thicker, stronger and more durable materials required today by dynamic industries. Designed to be easy to access, so material changing is fast and trouble free.

With an extra-tough print head assembly – the SMS-F1 will deliver reliability and durability. The SMS-F1 can deliver the smallest die-cut labels through to large signs and notices.

Easy, Reliable & Durable

Designed to be easy to access, so material changing is fast and trouble free. With an extra-tough print head assembly – the F1 will deliver reliability and durability.

A multifunctional system!
Many possibilities!

Reporting for (heavy) duty!

The SMS-F1 is also designed to print on thick materials such as shrink tubes and ResoLabels (RPL). The heavy-duty cutter will easily cut through special materials like non-tearable Tags, RePLACE labels and magnetic tape.

All you will need

The SMS-F1 comes complete with NiceLabel Pro – an industry leading design software for signs and labels. In addition, Rebo have added a large library of EU, International and ISO graphics – to ensure all your signs and labels are according to current, industrial legislations.

Professional Label software

Explore the SMS-F1 brochure

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For these applications:

  • Warehouse & Location labels
  • Pipe Marking
  • Safety Instructions
  • LEAN & 5S
  • Machine & Equipment ID
  • Inspection Labels
  • Maintenance Labels
  • Magnetic Tape
  • RPL (Raised Panel Label, alternative to Resopal)
  • GHS Labels
  • Tags
  • And many more!


Print Speed
6 inches per second

203 dpi

Print Width
Max. 4.09″

Print Length
Max. 90″


Printer type
Direct thermal & Thermal transfer
Print speed
Max. 6 ips (152mm/s)
Print length
Max. 90″
Print width
Max. 4.09″ (104mm)
L 390mm x W 309mm x H 255mm
8MB DRAM (6MB user available) 4MB Flash ROM (3MB user available)
Centronics, RS-232, USB, PS/2 keyboard
Operation interface
1x On/Off button / 6x buttons (Menu, Enter, Cancel, Pause, Feed, Down)
2x “Transmissive” / 1x “Reflective” / 1x “Printhead up” / 1x “Ribbon out” / 1x “Media out”


Input voltage
110 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, internal universal power supply


Operating temperature
40°F~104°F (4°C~40°C)
Operation humidity
0% – 90%, non-condensing
Storage temperature
-4°F~140°F (-20°C~6°C)
Environmental compliance


Standard materials
Industrial Vinyl (E300) – Standard 3-5 year, perfect for most applications.
Premium Vinyl (ST700) – High quality 5-7 year, for higher durability.
High-Tack (HT700) – High tack adhesive, ideal for difficult surfaces like wood, concrete, oil and low friction plastics.
Polyester (PT700) – High tack adhesive, high temperature, low halide – ideal for machine plates and pipes.
High Temperature Tape (H250) – High tack adhesive and extra high temperature resistance.
Cold Weather Tape (CW200) – Good adhesion to extremely cold surfaces.

Special materials
RePlace Tape (RE300) – The perfect alternative for magnetic tape. Repositionable tapes that not only stick on metal but also surfaces like plastic, cardboard and wood. Ideal for logistics.
Removable Tape (R300) – Removable tape for temporary signs.
Reflective Tape (RT500) – Reflective tape for indoor and outdoor usage.
Fluorescent Tape (FL500) – Fluorescent tape with a very high visibility.
Photoluminescent Tape (RG500) – Glow-in-the-dark tape for signs that need to remain visible after a power cut.
Tags (T100) – Non-adhesive, untearable tags. Available in continuous and die-cut materials.
Shrink Tubes (ES100) – Shrink tubing for cable and wire marking – high quality 3:1 in a range of sizes and colours.
Wire-Wraps (WI100) – Self laminating, wrap around cable and wire marking.
Cable Tags (EC100) – High quality cable and hose tags, fixed with cable ties.
RPL Labels (RL100) – Raised Profile Labels – the fast and cost effective alternative to engraved markers.

Max. 4.6″ (104mm)

Wax, Resin, Wax/Resin

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  • Print up to 104mm wide

  • 300 DPI printing resolution

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  • Print up to 104mm wide

  • 300 DPI printing resolution

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  • USB & LAN connection


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