Check out our solutions for your Cable marking and cable labels

Check out our solutions for your Cable marking and cable labels

A cable or wire fitted with a highly visible cable label is quickly identifiable, saves costs and shortens and prevents any “downtime” of a corporate network during maintenance.

With our versatile cable sleeves/shrink sleeves, wrap-around labels (wire-wraps), flag labels and cable tags you can easily and quickly make all your necessary cable markings and cable labels.

Cable labels

Cable labelling is essential for maintaining an organised and efficient network. Cable labels, also known as cable marking or cable coding, provide a simple and effective way to identify and manage cables within a business environment. Whether labelling network cables, power cables or other types of cabling, using labels for cables offers numerous advantages.

By labelling cables using shrink tubes, wire-wraps, flag labels and cable tags, technicians can quickly and easily identify the right cables during maintenance or repair work. This not only reduces the risk of errors, but also increases the efficiency of the process. Moreover, it contributes to better documentation of the network, which in turn speeds up troubleshooting and improves overall operational time.

Investing in high-quality cable labels and cable marking printers at Rebo Systems can save costs in the long run by minimising errors and reducing unplanned downtime. It ensures streamlined and well-organised cabling, which is essential for overall network reliability and performance. In short, cable labels are an indispensable tool for managing and maintaining complex business networks.

Effective cable marking

Effective cable marking and coding play a vital role in the streamlined management of complex enterprise networks. Marking cables using cable labels, cable numbers and cable stickers provides a structured approach to identifying and maintaining the network. Cable numbering, as part of cable coding, uses specific codes to uniquely identify each cable, making it easy to track and manage.

Cable labels | Shrink sleeves and wrap-around labels (wirewraps)

Cable marking and cable coding labels play a key role in organising cabling. These cable labels often contain information such as cable type, function and location, allowing technicians to quickly and accurately locate the correct cable during maintenance or installation. The use of self-adhesive cable stickers offers a convenient and durable solution to extend the life of the marking, even under different environmental conditions. These cable stickers, resistant to abrasion, temperature fluctuations and humidity, contribute to long-lasting and reliable cable coding.

Cable labels, cable numbers and cable stickers are indispensable tools for optimised network management. Het nauwkeurig labelen van kabels draagt bij aan een soepel lopend onderhoudsproces en minimaliseert de kans op fouten, wat de algehele operationele efficiëntie bevordert. The use of these labels and marking techniques also contributes to the effective organisation of cables, which is essential for a smoothly functioning company network.

A cable marking printer

An efficient way to provide cables with accurate labels is to use an advanced cable label printer. With a cable label printer, you can effortlessly print cable labels that meet specific requirements and standards. The printers at Rebo Systems offer the flexibility to create customised labels, including cable numbering, cable coding and other relevant information. Easily add your own logos, texts or other data. Our label software allows data to be entered manually or imported from Microsoft Excel or Access files, for example.

The process of making cable labels with a cable label printer is not only fast but also extremely accurate. Our printers support different label sizes and materials, making them suitable for various cable marking applications. Whether it is network cable labels, power cable labels or other types of cabling, a cable label printer makes it possible to produce professional and durable labels that can withstand environmental factors such as temperature variations and humidity.

With the advanced SMS-R1 multi-colour printer you can create various types and colours of cable labels, the multifunctional SMS-430 features an automatic cutting function and the low-cost SMS TAG-ID2 features a tear-off strip.

Using printed cable labels not only improves the aesthetics and legibility of marking, but also contributes to streamlined and organised cable management. Technicians can work with confidence knowing that cables are clearly labelled thanks to the precision of the cable label printer. In short, investing in a high-quality cable label printer is a valuable step to optimise cabling management and promote overall network efficiency.

Select a system for your Cable marking and cable labels


SMS-430 | Multifunctional label printer
  • Automatic cutter
  • Multifunctional labelling system
  • Print locally or via network


SMS TAG-ID2 | Professional TAG & ID label pinter
  • With tear-off strip

  • Cost-effective label printer
  • Print locally or via network


SMS-R1 | Multicolour label printer & cutter
  • Multicolour signs & labels

  • Print over 10 meters long

  • Labels in unique shapes

DuraLabel TORO

DuraLabel TORO | Portable label printer
  • Touch screen & Keyboard
  • Portable & IT independent
  • Print from anywhere