GHS/CLP labels

From 1 June 2015, the EU GHS system is mandatory for anyone dealing with the labelling and labelling of harmful substances. In reality, a good number of companies have not yet (fully) switched to this system. We would be happy to help you with this and work with you to see how we can implement the GHS system quickly and efficiently within your organisation.

Your expert GHS/CLP advisor

Rebo is the right partner when it comes to labelling and marking chemical substances and mixtures. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we can give you expert advice and work with you to determine how to implement this system as quickly and efficiently as possible within your company.

With our professional label systems and label printers, you will take care of your GHS labels yourself in no time and with the help of our smart GHS label software labelling has never been easier!

GHS/CLP labels
GHS drums


Our (label) materials are designed for industrial applications and are therefore of a very high quality. When used in combination with our high-quality chemical resistent printl ribbons, you can easily create your own GHS / CLP labels, of industrial quality and high durability!

We will be happy to advise you on all the “ins and outs” regarding GHS labelling and labelling.

What is GHS/CLP?

The Globally Harmonised System by the United Nations (UN GHS) was adopted by the UN in 2002. The UN GHS describes criteria for the classification and labelling of chemical substances and mixtures based on their hazard properties. UN GHS provides global criteria for hazard communication on chemicals and mixtures.

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging. GHS/CPL regulations help keep workers safe and informed about chemical hazards.


What is GHS/CLP?

The anatomy of the GHS label

GHS/CLP labels

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Unique GHS software

Producing GHS labels can be a very time-consuming job. To keep this process as quick and efficient as possible, Rebo, in collaboration with NiceLabel, has developed a unique GHS label programme in which the user can produce GHS labels very easily.

In the database, you select the desired substance and the software automatically fills in the corresponding hazard symbols and accompanying “H and P phrases” for you. This way, you always have the right symbols and all necessary descriptions are automatically included.

It’s that simple!

Step 1: Select the right format and material type

Step 2: Choose the desired language (over 20 languages available!)

Step 3: Choose the right printer

Step 4: Choose the desired substance

Step 5: Fill in the manufacturer details and other information

Step: 6: Select the desired number of prints and you are ready to print!

GHS label software

Choose a system for your GHS labels


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Print speed up to 10cm p/sec
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 101mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Portable & IT independent
  • USB-A & USB-B connection


  • Print over 10 metres long

  • Multicolour signs & labels

  • Plotter cuts any shape

  • “Ribbon Saving” technology