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When it comes to Warehouse Labels and Location Identification, every situation is unique and dynamic! This is exactly why a Sign & Label system from Rebo offers you every conceivable option for your visual warehouse layout.

All labels for in and around your warehouse

Whether you need multi-level location labels, tool identification or clear warning stickers that stand out well, you can print these indications independently, easily and quickly from now on.
With its high ease of use and wide range of applications, you are no longer dependent on multiple suppliers, high costs and long delivery times.

The SMS-R1 is a desktop printer & plotter that allows you to print stickers in multiple colours and then cut each one into desired shapes. You can easily print your own;

  • Multi-level location labels / Shelf labels

  • Machine & tool identification

  • Warning and safety stickers

  • Route signs (temporary or permanent)

  • Pipe identification / Pipe markers
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Location labels and rack labels

Create your own visual location identification labels as you wish.
Length, height and content you determine it yourself or use one of our many ready-made templates. Maximum ease of use thanks to smart variables and/or linking to a database/WMS system. Set up your warehouse efficiently and cost-effectively, or have a corresponding location label to hand for every change.

  • Multilevel location labels (in single or multicolour)
  • Shelf rack location labels
  • Rollover rack location labels
  • Pallet rack location labels
  • Order Pick location labels
  • Kanban Location labels
  • Outdoor storage location labels

Technical warehouse

A technical warehouse is incredibly dynamic, so a printer that can move with these dynamics is a real bonus!

Printing kanban location labels and Legbord location labels in a variety of formats.

Use our magnetic film or removable vinyl solutions and move your label with the product to the new location. In addition, there are numerous solutions for product identification through a durable label or TAG, revision status and instructions, etc.

Warehouse signing

Warehouse signs help visualise all processes within your site.
We can offer you numerous solutions for location signs with long-range and retroreflective options. But also your internal signage and markings for e.g., loading & unloading docks, aisles, walkways, BIN locations, pallet locations Lean 5S & safety visualisation are among the possibilities.

Personalise your Warehouse and benefit from optimal efficiency and safety.

Unique floor barcodes!

Our floor barcodes create a clear and sharp image for your scanners and contribute to a better understanding of the working environment. This combined with the durability you have come to expect from our products makes this an ideal long-term solution.

Floor barcodes are part of our superior floor lines, ReLINE Floor marking. ReLINE offers an extensive range of floor markings, floor signs and shapes to keep the workplace safe and help your employees work according to Lean 5S/Six Sigma standards. Therefore, check out our ReLINE page! Floor barcodes are available in various colours, sizes and designs. Ask our advisor about the extensive possibilities!

Floor marking

Removable or repositionable

A Rebo system allows you to print directly on magnetic film. create your own magnetic labels in no time.

But magnetic tape has long since ceased to be the only option on the market because with the M300 or R300 removable vinyl series, you can easily remove and even reuse your warehouse labels and do so without any glue residue. Onze T300 tag materialen zijn bij uitstek de oplossingen als insteek kaartjes voor Datastrips & Kanban bakken.

Outdoor storage & extreme environments

Do you have a challenge regarding your required location labels? Perhaps an outdoor location/storage. Labels that adhere to difficult substrates such as concrete or raw wood. Is there a need for a location label with a non-adhesive solution.

We have an extensive range of durable solutions for the most extreme situations such as UV/weather resistant, Heat resistant, untearable strong flexible plastic tag materials, High-tack adhesive coatings.

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Choose a system for your warehouse labels, location labels and barcode labels


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Print speed up to 10cm p/sec
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 101mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Portable & IT independent
  • USB-A & USB-B connection