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Finding, tracking and storing products is costly and involved. Rebo systems are perfect for giving businesses colour coded labelling, removable labelling, magnetic labels, hot and cold store labels. All complete with directional graphics, texts and barcodes – QR or Linear.

Location labels and Rack labels

Our products give you the ability to design and produce your store labelling immediately, in-house and on-demand. We make changes easy to implement, expansions easy to install and help you to ensure locations are labelled correctly, products are easily picked, easily tracked and traced and – most importantly – we help to reduce errors significantly which simply means we definitely save you money and time.

You can choose from several material qualities:
  • Standard vinyl: used for common warehouse labels.
  • High-Tack vinyl: suited for rough surfaces (powder coated, greasy, stain-resistant synthetic)
  • High-Temp tape: for environments and surfaces up to 250°C.
  • Cold-Weather tape: for environments and surfaces down to -25°C.
  • RePlace vinyl: The perfect alternative for magnetic tape. Repositionable tapes that not only stick on metal but also surfaces like plastic, cardboard and wood. Ideal for logistics and temporary warehouse labels.
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Locatie- en stellinglabels

Unique floor barcodes!

ReLINE barcodes are always sharp and extremely legible, giving positive scanner reads every time.In combination with our durable materials, our bar codes are perfect for long term applications.

The floor barcodes are part of our ReLINE floor marking products. ReLINE floor marking is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most comprehensive floor marking system for industrial applications. The combination of high durability and the wide range of colors and sizes, makes ReLINE the only complete floor marking system! ReLINE is very suitable for the implementation of the 5S System and Lean manufacturing. Have a look at our ReLINE page!