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TORO Tapes & Ink ribbons

For our TORO systems we have a large stock of industrial tapes and ribbons for general industrial use, but we also have an extensive range of specialty tapes and ribbons for industry-specific and extreme applications.

Standard materials

Industrieel Vinyl (E300)

Industrial Vinyl (E300)

Standard Adhesive, for inside and outside use, average 3-5 years outdoor.

Colours: White / Yellow
Width: 100mm
Roll length: 30 meters

Premium Vinyl (E300)

Premium Vinyl (ST700)

High Adhesive, for general Industrial Labeling and Code labels, average 7 to 10 years outdoor.

Colours: White / Transparant / Yellow / Grey / Black / Orange / Purple / Red / Pink / Blue / Green / Pip marker Blue / Pipe marker Green / Light brown / Brown / Pipe marker Brown
Width: 30mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 30 meters

High-Tack Vinyl (HT700)

High-Tack Vinyl (HT700)

Extreme High Adhesive, for difficult surfaces, low energy plastic, lightly oiled surfaces, concrete, and wood. Fully conformable to shaped and moulded surfaces, average 7 to 10 years outdoor.

Colours: White / Transparant / Yellow / Grey / Black / Orange / Purple / Red / Pink / Blue / Green / Pipe marker Blue / Pipe marker Green / Light Brown / Brown / Pipe marker Brown
Width: 30mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 20 meters

Industrieel Polyester (P700)

Industrial Polyester (PT700)

High Adhesive, for machine plates and non-vinyl applicable surfaces e.g.: Inox/stainless steel, for long term industrial indoor use.

Kleuren: White / Matte Aluminum* / Glossy Aluminum**
Width: 30mm / 50mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 20 meters / 30 meters

* only available colour in 50mm
** only available on 20m rolls

Hoge Temperaturen tape (H250)

High temperature tape (H250)

Extreme High Adhesive, for surfaces up to 250°C.

Colour: White
Width: 30mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 20 meters

Special materials

Reflecterende tape (RT500)

Reflective tape (RT500)

Standard Adhesive, high reflective tape for indoor and outdoor use.

Colours: White / Yellow / Red
Width: 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 10 meters / 15 meters

Fluorescerende tape (FL500)

Fluorescent tape (FL500)

Standard Adhesive, fluorescent tape. When exposed to sunlight, fluorescent properties decrease quickly.

Colours: Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Pink / Fluorescent Red / Fluorescent Green
Width: 30mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 25 meters

Fotoluminescerende tape (RG500)

Photoluminescent tape (RG500)

Standard Adhesive, high quality photoluminescent vinyl for safety labeling and other markings that should be highly visible in case of sudden blackout. For indoor and outdoor.

Colour: ReGLO (glow in the dark)
Width: 30mm / 60mm / 100mm
Roll length: 15 meters


Tags (T100)

Non-adhesive, untearable tags. Available in continuous and die-cut materials.

Colours die-cut: White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green
Colours continuous: 
Yellow / Red / Orange / Blue / Green
Width: 100mm

Wire-wraps (wikkellabels)

Wire-wraps (WI100)

Self laminating, wrap around cable and wire marking.

Colours: White / Yellow
Sizes: 12,5 x 19mm / 25 x 37mm / 25 x 63mm / 25 x 95mm
Quantity on roll: 1500 – 5000


Industriële Vinyl etiketten

Industrial Vinyl

Vinyl die-cuts with standard adhesiveness for indoor and outdoor usage. The die-cuts are available in several colours, shapes and sizes. Are you looking for something special? Contact us!

Colours: Matte Aluminum / Glossy Aluminum*
Sizes: 30 x 20mm / 30 x 30mm (circle) / 40 x 20mm / 60 x 35mm / 90 x 35mm / 100 x 52mm / 100 x 125mm
Quantity on roll: 469 – 2655

Industriële Polyester etiketten

Industrial Polyester

Polyester die-cuts with a very high adhesiveness for applications such as machine plates and ID labels.

Colours: Matte Aluminum / Glossy Aluminum*
Sizes: 30 x 20mm / 40 x 20mm / 45 x 15mm / 60 x 35mm / 60 x 125mm / 90 x 35mm / 100 x 52mm / 100 x 70mm
Quantity on roll: 469 – 3436

* only available as 30 x 20mm

GHS etiketten

GHS labels

Pre-printed GHS labels available in several sizes, with choice of max. 4 red diamonds.

Colour: White with pre-printed red diamonds
Sizes: 60 x 36mm / 100 x 70mm / 150 x 100mm
Quantity on roll: 600 – 2000

Ink ribbons

SR10 Industrieel Printlint

Industrial Ribbon (TR10)

Durable industrial ribbon for printing on vinyl.

Colours: White / Black / Yellow / Blue / Dark Blue/ Dark Red / Green
Width: 106mm
Length: 110 meters

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