LOBO Cassettes

LOBO cassettes

For our LOBO systems we have an extensive range of industrial tape cassetes from 12mm to 50mm. These All-in-One cassettes (tape and ribbon combined), can be simply inserted within seconds!

The tape cassettes are suitable for general industrial and office use (vinyl tapes), but we also have an extensive range of specialty tapes and ribbons for specific industries such as wire-wrap cable markers and extreme applications such as LN2 Poly processing lab tapes.

Standard cassettes

LOBO Premium Vinyl

Premium Vinyl

Premium vinyl cassettes for indoor and outdoor use, resists mild chemicals, water and UV light.


Black on WhiteRed on WhiteBlue on WhiteGreen on White
Black on TransparantRed on Transparant Blue on Transparant Green on Transparant
White on TransparantBlack on YellowBlack on OrangeWhite on Black
White on BlueWhite on RedWhite on GreenWhite on Purple
White on Brown

12,7mm / 19mm / 25,4mm / 38,1mm / 50,8mm

LOBO High-Tack ESD Polyester

High-Tack ESD polyester

High strength adhesive and high temperature – ideal for machine plates and equipment labels.


Black on White

12,7mm / 19mm / 25,4mm / 38,1mm

Special cassettes

LN2 Poly TM Cassettes

LN2 Poly TM Tapes

Extreme low temperature – ideal for laboratory labelling.


Black on TransparantRed on TransparantGreen on TransparantBlue on Transparant

19mm / 25,4mm / 38,1mm / 50,8mm

Wire-Wraps (zelf-laminerende wikkellabels)

Wire-Wraps (self laminating cable wraps)

Self laminating cable wraps – perfect for cable ID – durable and colour coded.


Black on WhiteRed on WhiteBlue on White
Black on YellowBlack on OrangeBlack on Pink
White on BlueWhite on RedWhite on Green



Shrink tubes

3:1 shrink tubing – perfect for general cable identification.


Black on WhiteBlack on Yellow

5,8mm / 12,7mm / 19mm

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