CPM Tapes & Lintcassettes

CPM-100E & HE compatible tapes & ribbon cartridges

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, our fully compatible ribbon cartridges and material rolls are guaranteed free from defects and manufactured to the highest standards.

Standard materials

Industrial tapes

Whether you need a high quality industrial vinyl, guaranteed to last over eight years outdoors, a high temperature material or a material for a difficult surface – Rebo Systems has a high quality, fully guaranteed material on stock to meet your needs.

Engineered to run smoothly and reliably in the CPM-100, we have hundreds of fully satisfied customers across Europe, all enjoying the benefits of our quality and our alternative, unmatched service and delivery.

Industrieel Vinyl (E300)

Industrial Vinyl (E300)

Standard Adhesive, for inside and outside use, average 3-5 years outdoor.

Colours: White / Yellow / Transparant / Silver / Pink / Orange / Light brown / Pipe marker blue / Blue / Purple / Red / Pipe marker green / Green / Dark brown / Black / Gold*
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 10 meters / 15 meters

* only available on 10 meter rolls

Premium Vinyl (E300)

Premium Vinyl (ST700)

High Adhesive, for general Industrial Labeling and Code labels, average 7 to 10 years outdoor.

White / Yellow / Transparant / Grey / Pink / Orange / Light brown / Pipe marker brown / Brown / Pipe marker blue / Blue / Purple / Red / Pipe marker green / Green / Black
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 15 meters

High-Tack Vinyl (HT700)

High-Tack Vinyl (HT700)

Extreme High Adhesive, for difficult surfaces, low energy plastic, lightly oiled surfaces, concrete, and wood. Fully conformable to shaped and moulded surfaces, average 7 to 10 years outdoor.

Colours: White / Yellow / Transparant / Grey / Pink / Orange / Light brown / Pipe marker brown / Brown / Pipe marker blue / Blue / Purple / Red / Pipe marker green / Green / Black
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 15 meters

Industrieel Polyester (P700)

Industrial Polyester (PT700)

High Adhesive, for machine plates and non-vinyl applicable surfaces e.g.: Inox/stainless steel, for long term industrial indoor use.

Colours: White* / Matte Aluminum* / Glossy Aluminum* / Brushed Silver**
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 10 meters / 15 meters

* only available on 15m rolls
** only available on 10m rolls

Hoge Temperaturen tape (H250)

High temperature tape (H250)

Extreme High Adhesive, for surfaces up to 250°C.

Colour: White
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 10 meters

Special materials

VOID polyester (PV500)

VOID polyester (PV500)

High Adhesive, for security marking, removal of the label leaves VOID text on the surface, for long term industial indoor use.

Colour: Matte Aluminum
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 15 meters

Reflecterende tape (RT500)

Reflective tape (RT500)

Standard Adhesive, high reflective tape for indoor and outdoor use.

Colours: Silver grey / Yellow / Red
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 10 meters

Fluorescerende tape (FL500)

Fluorescent tape (FL500)

Standard Adhesive, fluorescent tape. When exposed to sunlight, fluorescent properties decrease quickly.

Colours: Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Pink / Fluorescent Red / Fluorescent Green
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 10 meter

Fotoluminescerende tape (RG500)

Photoluminescent tape (RG500)

Standard Adhesive, high quality photoluminescent vinyl for safety labeling and other markings that should be highly visible in case of sudden blackout. For indoor and outdoor.

Colour: ReGLO (glow in the dark)
Width: 111mm
Roll length: 9 meters

Ribbon cartridges

Transparant ribbon cartridges

Designed and manufactured by Rebo Systems, in the Netherlands.  Our ribbon cartridges are of the highest quality and standard. Fully transparent to show exactly the amount of ribbon contained, so no print job is interrupted by a ribbon run out.

SR10 Industrieel Printlint

Industrial Ribbon (SR10)

Durable ribbon for printing on vinyl.

Colours: White / Transparant / Black / Silver / Silver Grey / Yellow / Gold  / Orange / Light Blue / Blue / Dark Blue / Red / Green
Width: 111mm
Length: 50 meters

SR20 Speciaal Printlint

Special Ribbon (SR20)

Industrial ribbon special for the PT200 Industrial Polyester.

Colours: Black / Red / White
Width: 110mm / 119mm
Length: 50 meters

SR40 Extreme Chemical Printlint

Extreme Chemical Ribbon (SR40)

Better ristant to acetone, for ST700 and PT700 tapes.

Colour: Black
Width: 106mm
Length: 50 meters

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