CPM-100E & HE compatible tapes & ink ribbons 2017-05-04T14:59:20+00:00
CPM Tapes & Lintcassettes

CPM-100E & HE compatible tapes & ribbon cartridges

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, our fully compatible ribbon cartridges and material rolls are guaranteed free from defects and manufactured to the highest standards.

Standard materials

Industrial tapes

Whether you need a high quality industrial vinyl, guaranteed to last over eight years outdoors, a high temperature material or a material for a difficult surface – Rebo Systems has a high quality, fully guaranteed material on stock to meet your needs.

Engineered to run smoothly and reliably in the CPM-100, we have hundreds of fully satisfied customers across Europe, all enjoying the benefits of our quality and our alternative, unmatched service and delivery.

Industrieel Vinyl (E300)