SummaCut vinyl cutters

SummaCut Series snijplotters

Since 1996, SummaCut has evolved to become the world’s most advanced performance-price leader.
The new SummaCut Series is the product from decades of Summa’s brilliant European engineering.

Numerous refinements have been made in the SummaCut Series, such as OPOS-X technology, known from our most advanced S-Class cutting plotters, is now integrated into a newly designed drag-knife cutting head.

The SummaCut Series features highly complex algorithms to compensate for any deformation of the print, using the world’s most reliable sensor technology; this makes SummaCut a winning contour cutter for any sign or print shop.

Milled from the finest materials, in a unique process that assures each roller has an exacting diameter, we then specially coat each roller to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation that can degrade tracking over time.

Summa’s world renowned quality craftsmanship delivers cutting performance and reliability that outclasses other top-of-the-line cutters. It is no wonder the affordably priced SummaCut Series is one of the most popular vinyl cutters ever built.

Newly designed high-speed cutting head

The new cutting head features precision accuracy for exceptionally reliable and effortless vinyl cutting.

Summacuttersare loadedwithseveralintelligentroutinesoptimisingthecuttingdata. All Summa Series use an advanced vector look-ahead technology that cuts complex imagesandletteringwithimprovedefficiency. The benefits are extensive. Cuttingtime is reduced seriously, curves are smoother and the motors are less loaded, which increases the life time of the cutting plotter.

SummaCut Dragknife Head
SummaCut display

Easy-to-use control panel

that allows you to quickly and easily change settings like speed, pressure, plot mode and perform test cuts.

Multiple languages available such as English, Dutch, German and French.

Optimized transport & tracking

Integrated media rollers and roll end flanges load your vinyl straight and keep your media on track, even cutting at top speed.

Tracking is the ability to transport the media through the machine in a repetitive way. This ability makes sure that one single job is cut within specifications within the complete guaranteed tracking length. Nevertheless, longer jobs are also accepted by the cutter.

The guaranteed tracking length also indicates the possibility of doing multiple jobs after each other (exceeding the guaranteed tracking length several times) without the need of reloading the media.

SummaCut MediaFlanges
SummaCut OPOS X contour cutting

Contour cutting with OPOS X

OPOS X contour-cutting alignment means you can die-cut valuable printed vinyl graphics with complete confidence and reliability.

The automated contour alignment system OPOS stands for Optical Positioning System. The OPOS X sensor technology senses marks on a wide range of materials.

Some of our latest features include a fully automated workflow with barcode reading, enabling you to contour-cut multiple jobs without any user intervention. Another feature is while using multiple sheets with repeating graphics, the OPOS sensor will start looking for markers immediately after a new sheet is loaded.

Which SummaCut model will I need?

D60R  /  60cm

SummaCut D60

D120R  /  120cm

SummaCut D120

D140R  /  140cm

SummaCut D140

D160R  /  160cm

SummaCut D160
With an FX model you are slightly less flexible in controlling the distance from the rollers to the edge of your film: the pinch rollers can only be placed on certain fixed positions. It does allow you to cut most standard vinyl widths.

4 pinch roller positions
for 6 basic widths
SummaCut D60FX 6 widths

D60FX  /  60cm

4 pinch roller positions
for 6 basic widths
SummaCut D60

D140FX  /  140cm

6 pinch roller positions
for 9 basic widths
SummaCut D140

6 pinch roller positions
for 9 basic widths
SummaCut D140FX 9 widths

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