Vehicle construction plates

As of 1 July 2019 the Netherlands Vehicle Authority obliges 2nd construction plates for all vehicles.

Per 1 July 2019, for each modification of a vehicle (subject to inspection), a second manufacturer’s plate must be fitted showing the data which have changed with respect to the original manufacturer’s plate.

What does that mean?
Modifications subject to inspection include fitting a loading body to a chassis-cab or/and fitting an axle under a trailer or semi-trailer chassis.

Data on 2nd construction plate

The design and data on a 2nd construction plate must meet a number of requirements before it can be approved by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority.

Data on 2nd construction plate

  • Name of the manufacturer (company responsible for the completion or modification of the vehicle)
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Approval phase (usually phase 2, can also be 3 or higher due to earlier changes)
  • Approval number (in case of an individual approval field remains empty and in case of a 2nd stage approval the approval number)
  • Technically permissible maximum masses* (if changed) *The construction plate of the first manufacturer shows various maximum vehicle and axle weights. When this data does not change, only the company name and the VIN have to be entered on the 2nd manufacturer’s plate.

Requirements 2nd construction plate

The prescribed construction board in one of the following versions:

  • A) A rectangular sheet of metal
    Requirements: Metal sheets must be fastened with rivets.
  • B) A rectangular self-adhesive label
    Requirements: Labels must be tamper- and forgery-proof and become unusable when attempting to remove the label.
    Requirements: The height of the characters of the chassis number (VIN) must be at least 4 mm. The remaining characters must be at least 2 mm high.
    Requirements: The 2nd construction plate must be placed in the vicinity of the 1st construction plate.


We advise you to print on our VOID aluminium polyester tape or label that captures all important data in a forgery-proof label.
If someone wants to remove the label it will leave the text VOID and the label will not be usable again.
It is then clearly visible that the label has been tampered with, as a result of which a valid construction plate is no longer present.
The owner of the construction is at that moment in violation.

You can perfectly print these tapes and labels with one of our recommended special Sign & Labelprinters.
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Recommended material: PV500 Tamper resistant VOID tape | Matt Aluminum polyester with high adhesive strength.
For examples of the construction board, see Regulation 19/201, from page L 8/7: Click here

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