ReLINE superior floor marking

ReLINE Floor marking

ReLINE is the easiest, fastest, most economical and comprehensive floor marking system for industrial applications. The combination of high durability and the extensive range of colours and sizes makes ReLINE the only complete floor marking and lining system on the market! This makes ReLINE very suitable for implementing the 5S system and LEAN manufacturing.

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Floor marking

ReLINE floor marking is available in various sizes, colours and qualities.

From 5cm wide strips to 86,5cm wide walkways. The quality required depends on the purpose. For example, we have grades that feature a extra strong adhesive making them suitable for use on rough surfaces. But we also have a type of floor marking which is ideally suited for a somewhat smoother surface in a space where light work is carried out.

ReLINE Floor marking
ReLINE Hazard stripes

Hazard stripes

Our hazard stripes are ideally suited to create clear separations and to prevent dangerous situations.Hazard Stripes are supplied on rolls and are available in various widths in several colour combinations: Black-Yellow, Black-White, White-Red. Green-White and Green-Yellow.

In-line print

When you want (pre)printed floor markings you can choose our In-Line Print variant.

This type is printed with a print you provide, after which a laminating layer is applied to provide optimal protection for your print. Order your floor lines printed with your company name, logos, bar codes, images etc.!

ReLINE In-line print
ReLINE Signs

Safety signs

Razor-sharp safety signs for on your (work) floor. Choose from hundreds of characters in various sizes and colours. You can also choose to have your own design produced. After agreeing on the proof, you will then receive your custom-made floor signs!


When it comes to 5S LEAN and Six Sigma our shapes and floor signs are an indispensable part. This is because it allows you to easily create more clarity and increase safety on the shop floor.

The ReLINE shapes are available in various colours and materials. Choose from: Dots, Arrows, Feet en Pedestrians, T- and X corners, Strips, Numbers and Letters or regular corners.

ReLINE Shapes

Social Distancevisualisation / COVID-19 floor signs

Since we are dealing with Social Distance for now, it is wise to invest in a long-term sustainable solution. Our Social Distancing signs improve the safety of yourself, your employees and your customers/visitors!
From “KEEP AWAY” floor stickers to personalised floor signs with symbols and instructions, the materials are of very good quality and quickly delivered!

  • Easy to install

  • Long lifespan (2-year warranty)

  • Made of durable PVC

  • Very flat, so no tripping hazards

  • Outdoor and/or personalised versions available

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ReGLO (photoluminescent)

All ReLINE signs are also available in a “glow in the dark” version, ReGLO. The ReLINE ReGLO series is ideal for indicating evacuation routes, emergency facilities and/or exits for employees during, for example, a power failure.

The use of ReGLO is therefore strongly recommended to create a safe (working) environment during unforeseen and dangerous circumstances.


ReLINE vs. Paint

Floor markings can be applied by 2 methods: Tape or Paint.
Advanced developments in floor marking and the high cost and degree of time and effort required by painting make ReLINE floor marking the most popular solution, for every industry!

ReLINE Floor marking

  • No (hazardous) fumes

  • No drying time required

  • No more spills
  • The only preparation is to clean
  • Almost no accessories required
  • Application does not hinder work
  • Suitable for rough and porous substrates such as concrete, asphalt and brick and stone
  • Can be easily removed
  • Quickly applied as a temporary or permanent solution


  • Hazardous vapours
  • Time needed to dry
  • Tricky without spilling
  • Lots of time needed for preparations
  • Requires the use of brushes, cloths, masking tape, etc.
  • Application disrupts work process
  • An uneven surface should be smoothed first
  • Requires use of aggressive chemicals and sanders
  • Not suitable as a quick and/or temporary solution

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ReLINE quality types


This “heavy duty” X-Treme floor line and floor marking was developed for areas where heavy equipment is frequently used (e.g. forklift trucks, shifting pallets, etc.).

ReLINE X-Treme floor marking has a special coating that makes it easy to clean and its smooth top surface also makes it more resistant to vehicles turning on the line.


The ReLINE Supreme has a superior adhesive layer and can be used in any area. This makes this floor line ideally suited to porous and uneven floors.

ReLINE Supreme features beveled edges to minimise damage and friction and is recommended for heavy-use areas and aged/uneven surfaces.


Mean Lean is the best solution for lining and marking in places where light work is carried out and little heavy equipment is used.

It has a smooth top layer and is made of the same PVC as the X-Treme variant, only a less thick/stiff PVC has been used for this version. The strong adhesive layer is similar to that of the X-Treme variant.

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