ReLINE superior floor marking

ReLINE Floor marking

ReLINE floor marking is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most comprehensive floor marking system for industrial applications. The combination of high durability and the wide range of colors and sizes, makes ReLINE the only complete floor marking system! ReLINE is very suitable for the implementation of the 5S System and Lean manufacturing.

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Floor marking

ReLINE floor marking is available in multiple sizes, colors and qualities. Ranging from 5cm wide stript up to 86,5 cm wide walking paths. The quality needed is highly dependent on the application and the conditions of the area it will be used in. We offer qualities which are finished with extreme adhesiveness, specifically designed to use on rough surfaces. But we also provide a quality type that is very suitable for a smoother surface in an area where modest work is being carried out.

ReLINE Floor marking