Check out our page on printing Safety stickers – Hazard stickers – Labels for general indications and more.

With our multi-functional label printers and included label software, you create durable industrial safety stickers easily and quickly, dangerlabels, warninglabels, instructionlabels etc.
The vinyl or polyester labels are printed with a print ribbon (thermal transfer), ensuring a permanent and scratch-resistant print.

With these labels and stickers you can, for example;

print Warning & Safety stickers
  • Drawing visitors’ attention to designations or rules, fitted with commandment icons (safety labels)
  • Inform visitors using external and/or internal routing
  • Specific operating instructions or adding additional instructions to objects.
  • Apply a manual, operating or connection diagram to a machine
  • Apply illustrations or technical drawings to objects
  • Indications in foreign languages
  • Show special loading and unloading instructions
  • Confirm to safety norms

Print your own professional labels

With our professional Sign & Label systems you can quickly and easily create high-quality stickers in various formats, colours and variants. All our materials are of industrial quality and available for numerous applications. For example, we have chemically resistant print ribbons that are ideally suited for environments where hazardous/aggressive substances are used, and you can provide the labels with a transparent laminate for extra scratch and UV protection.

Fast, flexible and simple

When it comes to general instruction and warning stickers, a few things are crucial:

  • The instruction/warning must stand out
  • The message should be concise and clear
  • The sticker should be well readable
  • The label has to adhere well

Rebo has a wide range of tape qualities developed specifically for the industry, allowing every application or situation to have the right tape. Ranging from stickers with a temporary or permanent adhesion or reflective materials and labels that glow in the dark.

Safety labels
SMS-R1 Multi-colour label printer & cutter | For all your multi-colour stickers in any shape!

Multifunctional and efficient

When you need to move quickly and flexibility is required because you have different label applications, it is wise to choose a multifunctional system.

With our label systems you will not only print your warning and safety stickers but you can produce all your pipe markers, rating plates, inspection labels, cable coding, etc. in-house.

Our consultants will be happy to help you choose the right printer and corresponding material for your project.

Endless applications

With the SMS-430 Multifunctional Label printer or the TORO Portable Label printer you can print stickers/labels ranging from 15 to 100mm wide.
If you want to print wider stickers you can use the SMS-900 or KODIAK which allow you to print up to 210mm wide.
All these printers have automatic scissors that allow you to cut your labels to the desired length.

Ready-made templates to print your stickers quickly and easily!

Standard templates

Our NiceLabel software allows you to design your own unique and professional labels. Use our graphical library with 10.000+ industrial symbols or import your own logos, pictograms, technical drawings and data bases.

On this page you can watch several instructional videos which can support you in this but we also offer a wide range of ready-made templates which you can use and personalise.

  1. Select & download the desired template
  2. Open the template in NiceLabel andadjust as required
  3. Enter thequantityand you areready to print!

Printing your general labels & stickers has never been easier!
Want to know more about our label software? Visit this page

Choose a system for your general warning stickers and safety labels


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 101mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Portable & IT independent
  • USB-A & USB-B connection