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Summa S Class Vinyl Cutters

Summa S Class Series snijplotters

The S Class is undisputed when it comes to professional cutting plotters: they are equipped with the latest technologies. The S Class uses an outstanding sensor technology and complex algorithms to compensate any deformation.

S Class cutters are excellent film and contour cutting machines, ideal for volume production. The S Class series is available in four widths, and you have a choice of two models:

• T-series: tangential head
• D-series: drag knife cutter

For any kind of job or material we have the right type of cutter and knife. We encourage you to read the brochure for more information!

Clear controls

The new color touch control panel has become even easier to use!

The bright colors and the new design of the menu structure ensure easier and faster navigation.

Frequently used operations such as cut off media, adjust knife pressure, adjust offset, change user profile, are all adjusted in an instant.

Summa S Class Touchscreen
Summa S Class USB port


Summa S Class LAN port

USB & Ethernet LAN connection

USB port

As usual, you can control your computer using the supplied USB cable.

USB Memory Stick interface

Put your frequently used plot jobs on a USB drive and you can access them from the menu. This allows you to work even faster.

Ethernet LAN port

More flexible communication than before! You can now send your plot jobs from multiple computers to an S Class 2 plotter.

Can also be used with a network crossover cable for a direct Ethernet connection between the computer and plotter.

7 times faster processor

An entirely new processor that is seven times faster than the previous generation S Class!

The new processor shortens the amount of time needed for processing which means you have more opportunity to output more jobs throughout the day.

This processor upgrade also provides the added benefit of faster USB communication, which contributes to the overall processing of your orders.

Summa S Class Processor
Summa S Class Tangential

Tangential cutting technology

Tangential cutting technology guarantees a superior performance compared to commonly used swivel knife techniques. The direction of the tangential knife is electronical