Summa S Class Vinyl Cutters

Summa S Class Series snijplotters

The S Class is undisputed when it comes to professional cutting plotters: they are equipped with the latest technologies. The S Class uses an outstanding sensor technology and complex algorithms to compensate any deformation.

S Class cutters are excellent film and contour cutting machines, ideal for volume production. The S Class series is available in four widths, and you have a choice of two models:

• T-series: tangential head
• D-series: drag knife cutter

For any kind of job or material we have the right type of cutter and knife. We encourage you to read the brochure for more information!

Clear controls

The new color touch control panel has become even easier to use!

The bright colors and the new design of the menu structure ensure easier and faster navigation.

Frequently used operations such as cut off media, adjust knife pressure, adjust offset, change user profile, are all adjusted in an instant.

Summa S Class Touchscreen
Summa S Class USB port


Summa S Class LAN port

USB & Ethernet LAN connection

USB port

As usual, you can control your computer using the supplied USB cable.

USB Memory Stick interface

Put your frequently used plot jobs on a USB drive and you can access them from the menu. This allows you to work even faster.

Ethernet LAN port

More flexible communication than before! You can now send your plot jobs from multiple computers to an S Class 2 plotter.

Can also be used with a network crossover cable for a direct Ethernet connection between the computer and plotter.

7 times faster processor

An entirely new processor that is seven times faster than the previous generation S Class!

The new processor shortens the amount of time needed for processing which means you have more opportunity to output more jobs throughout the day.

This processor upgrade also provides the added benefit of faster USB communication, which contributes to the overall processing of your orders.

Summa S Class Processor
Summa S Class Tangential

Tangential cutting technology

Tangential cutting technology guarantees a superior performance compared to commonly used swivel knife techniques. The direction of the tangential knife is electronically controlled, by which T series are capable of cutting very precisely and with very high pressures.

The perfect cutting makes weeding very easy, saving you a lot of valuable time. The patented nose piece avoids small pieces being pushed out of the vinyl while cutting.

With up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa S Class T series powers through heavy sandblast, paint mask and reflective materials with incredible ease, speed and accuracy. With a T model, you know you can do the job!

Drag knife technology

Its simplicity has made drag knife (or swivel knife) technology the most commonly used. An offset parameter defines the distance between the knife tip and the rotating centre. In order to know the position of the freely rotating knife inside the knife holder a drag movement is made assuming the knife tip will follow accordingly.

Summa cutters include enhanced methods to optimise this drag-movement to obtain the best possible cutting quality.

Summa S Class Drag Knife
SummaCut OPOS CAM contour cutting

OPOS CAMera Contour cutting

With OPOS-CAM, Summa delivers yet another amazing innovation with the printing industry’s first camera recognition alignment solution for friction driven vinyl drum cutters. Summa customers in volume driven workflow environments will now be able to excel against their competition with super fast precision, accurate cutting of short or long run contour cutting jobs.

OPOS-CAM is a factory upgrade option now available on all new Summa S Class T-series vinyl cutting plotters.

Automatic cut-off after job

The S Class cutting heads have an auto cut-off knife, which you can optionally set to slice your media at the end of each job. The finished jobs fall neatly into the canvas basket to keep them free of dust.

Because you don’t have to manually cut off the media at the end of each job, you save valuable seconds, job after job.

Summa S Class Cut Off functie
Summa S Class Roll Up

Optional: Automatic roll-up system

After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork very neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs in shorter consecutive jobs!

The S Class can therefore cut complete rolls unattended and delivers the output nicely rolled-up. The roll-up system is available as option for the S140 & S160 models.

Optional: Media rack

A solid and most effective media rack to store three or more media rolls on the back of the plotter. It is advisable to purchase extra flanges for these extra media rolls, for proper storage.

The media rack is available for the S140 and S160 models.

Summa S Class Mediarek

Summa S Class models

Available in four widths, including Stand and Basket. Each model is available in two models: tangential head (T) or with a drag knife cutting head (D).
Upgrades/options: OPOS-CAM is available for all models. For the S140 and S160 models there is a media rack and roll-up system available.

S75D / S75T

Summa S Class S75

S120D / S120T

Summa S Class S120

S140D / S140T

Summa S Class S140