SMS-430 multifunctional label printer

The SMS-430 is a strong, reliable sign and label workhorse. Capable of producing labels from 13mm up to 100mm wide and in over 40 different quality materials, the systems high definition output is ideal for even the smallest of text and label details.

Supplied with Microsoft® approved NiceLabel software and thousands of industrial graphics, the SMS-430 is a single solution for an enormous range of sign and labelling requirements.

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Professional labelling

From health and safety signage to data base connected labels, the SMS-430 can deliver both simple and sophisticated solutions. Produce your own machine plates, pipe marking, safety instructions, cable marking and more!

Compact and User-friendly

All of our systems are delivered with NiceLabel Pro software; a leading design and production software that is both powerful and easy to use. NiceLabel is Microsoft approved, so there are no issues with installations on company networks.

Discover the versatility

The SMS-430 is compatible with over 40 different materials for every application including: cable and wire marking, high or low temperatures, oily and difficult surfaces, permanent or removable adhesives, mild or aggressive chemical resistance and more.

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With the SMS-430 you can easily create all the labels listed below.
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Print Speed
25.4 – 101.6mm p/sec

300 dpi

Print width
Max. 10.4cm

Print length
Max. 1270mm


Printer type
Direct thermisch & Thermisch transfer
300 dpi
Print snelheid
Maximaal 101.6mm/s
Print lengte
Max. 1270mm
Print breedte
Max. 104mm
L 278mm x B 220mm x H 187mm
Standaard: USB device, RS-232, Ethernet, USB host
2x LED Lamp (Power/Ready) / 1x button (Feed)
1x Gap / 1x “Reflective” (movable) / 1x “Transmissive” / 1x “Printhead open” / 1x “Print ribbon end”

Power supply

Input voltage
Output voltage
DC Output: 24V, 3.75A


Relative temperature
5°C – 40°C
Relative humidity
0% – 90%, non-condensing
Storage temperature
-20°C – 60°C


Standard types
Industrieel vinyl (E300) – Standard 3-5 year, perfect for most applications.
Premium vinyl (ST700) – High quality 5-7 year, for higher durability.
High-Tack (HT700) – High tack adhesive, ideal for difficult surfaces like wood, concrete, oil and low friction plastics.
Polyester (PT700) – High tack adhesive, high temperature, low halide – ideal for machine plates and pipes.
Hoge temp. tape (H250) – High tack adhesive and extra high temperature resistance up to 200°C.
Cold Weather tape (CW200) – Good adhesion to extremely cold surfaces up to – 25°C.

Speciale soorten
Removable tape (R300) – Removable tape for temporary signs.
Reflective tape (RT500) – Reflective tape for indoor and outdoor usage.
Fluorescent tape (FL500) – Fluorescent tape with a very high visibility.
Photoluminescent tape (RG500) – Glow-in-the-dark tape for signs that need to remain visible after a power cut.
Tags (T100) – Non-adhesive, untearable tags. Available in continuous and die-cut materials.
Wire-Wraps (WI100) – Self laminating, wrap around cable and wire marking.
Cable Tags (EC100) – High quality cable and hose tags, fixed with cable ties.
Raised Profile Labels (RL100) – Alternative for engraved plates. Create your own Raised Profile Labels at a lower cost.
VOID polyester (PV500) – High adhesive strength, for sealing/security: after the label is removed, the text VOID remains. For long-term industrial indoor use.
Die-cuts – Durable industrial labels suitable for GHS labels and inspection labels. Available in various materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

Max. 104mm

Ink ribbon
Wax, Resin, Wax/Resin


Driver & Tools

SMS Printer Driver
Driver voor gebruik van SMS-printers (.EXE bestand)

SMS Printer Tool
Tool voor beheer van IP-instellingen en geavanceerde instellingen (.MSI bestand)

Label templates

Om het ontwerpen en printen van labels te vereenvoudigen hebben wij diverse label sjablonen (templates) beschikbaar die u kunt downloaden en eenvoudig naar wens kunt aanpassen en afdrukken.

Bekijk en download op deze pagina alle label templates.

Zoekt u een specifieke template of heeft u een andere vraag? Neem gerust contact met ons op.


Onze label printers worden doorgaans met NiceLabel label software geleverd. Deze software is in diverse uitvoeringen beschikbaar met elk hun specifieke toepassing.

Wenst u:
• Eenvoudige óf geavanceerde ontwerp- en printfuncties?
• Enkele óf meerdere printer- of gebruikerslicenties?
• Direct te printen vanaf een PC of via een (gedeeld) netwerk?

Vraag onze adviseur welk pakket het beste bij uw wensen/situatie aansluit of download één van de proefversies om het uit te proberen.

NiceLabel Designer (Pro & Express)
Download 30-dagen proefperiode

NiceLabel PowerForms (Pro & Suite)
Download 30-dagen proefperiode

Uitgebreide informatie over deze pakketten vindt u op deze pagina.

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