SMS-430 multifunctional label printer

SMS-430 multifunctional label printer

The SMS-430 is the multifunctional label printer for all your common industrial coding needs. With the optionally supplied NiceLabel software, you quickly and easily design all possible labels.

Consider, for example, labels that are necessary for your business and institution to function optimally. The standard integrated network connection allows the printer to be seamlessly connected and managed via your internal network.

Professional labelling

From texts and safety instructions to warehouse or produc tlabels with a database connection, the SMS-430 label printer offers countless possibilities! Produce your own machine plates, pipe marking, safety instructions and wire marking.

Compact and user-friendly

The SMS-430 is the multifunctional label printer for all your industrial coding needs. With the professional NiceLabel label software you quickly and easily design numerous labels that instantly create a safe and orderly workplace. With the standard integrated LAN connection the system can be used and managed entirely via your corporate network.

Discover the versatility

Are you looking for permanent or removable labels? Should the label be suitable for rough or smooth surfaces, or withstand high or low temperatures? With over 40 different materials, there is the right label for every application.

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USB driver installation

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The SMS-430 makes it easy to create all the labels listed below.
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Print Speed
25.4 – 101.6mm per second

300 dpi

Print width
Max. 10.4cm

Print length
Max. 1270mm


Printer type

Direct thermal & Thermal transfer


300 dpi

Print speed

Max. 101.6mm/s

Print length

Max. 1270mm

Print width

Max. 104mm


L 278mm x W 220mm x H 187mm




Standard: USB device, RS-232, Ethernet, USB host


2x LED Light (Power/Ready) / 1x button (Feed)


1x Gap /1x “Reflective” (movable) / 1x “Transmissive” / 1x “Print head open” / 1x “Print ribbon end”

Power supply

Input voltage


Output voltage

DC Output: 24V, 3.75A


Relative temperature

5°C – 40°C

Relative humidity

0% – 90%, non-condensing

Storage temperature

-20°C – 60°C




Standaard soorten
Industrial vinyl (E300)– Standard adhesive strength, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Premium vinyl (ST700) – High adhesive strength, for durable industrial labels for long-term indoor and outdoor use.
High-Tack (HT700) – Extremely high adhesive strength, for difficult substrates such as dirt-repellent plastic, slightly greasy substrates, tiles, wood, etc.
Polyester (PT700)– High adhesive strength, for rating plates and other durable applications. For long-term industrial use.
High temp. tape (H250) Extremely high adhesive strength, for direct application on substrates up to 250°C.
Cold Weather tape (CW200)– High adhesive strength, for direct application to surfaces down to – 25°C.

Special types

Removable tape (R300) – Removable tape for temporary markings.

Reflectivetape (RT500)– Reflective tape for indoor and outdoor use.

Fluorescent tape (FL500) – Fluorescent tape for high visibility.

Photoluminescent tape (RG500) – Highlighting tape for indications that must remain visible in the event of light failure.

Tags (T100)– Non-adhesive, tear-resistant tags. Available in continuous and die-cut material.

Wire-Wraps (WI100) – Self-laminating wrap-around labels where the print is protected from damage and fading.

Cable Tags (EC100)– High-quality cable ID tags attachable with tie-wraps, halogen-free and fire-retardant.

ResoLabels (RL100)– The alternative to resopal. Thickened labels of durable quality for machine and button markings.

VOID polyester (PV500)– High adhesive strength, for sealing/security: after the label is removed, the text VOID remains. For long-term industrial indoor use.

Die-cut labels– Durable industrial labels e.g. suitable for GHS labels and inspection labels. Available in various materials, colours, shapes and sizes.


Max. 104mm



Wax, Resin, Wax/Resin


Driver & Tools

SMS Printer Driver

Driver for using SMS printers (.EXE bestand)

SMS Printer Tool

Tool for managing IP settings and advanced settings (.MSI file)

Label templates

To simplify label design and printing, we have several label templates available that you can download and easily customise and print as required.

View and download all label templates on this page .

Looking for a specific template or have another question? Feel free to contact us.


Our label printers are typically supplied with NiceLabel label software. This software is available in several versions, each with its specific application.

Do you wish:
• Simple or advanced design and print functions?
• Single or multiple printer or user licences?
• Print directly from a PC or via a (shared) network?

Ask our consultant which package best suits your needs/situation or download one of the trial versions to try it out.

NiceLabel Designer (Pro & Express)

Download 30-day trial

NiceLabel PowerForms (Pro & Suite)

Download 30-day trial

Detailed information on these software levels can be found on this page.

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