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Rebo Systems will move you into a modern method of marking and labelling that replaces old, engraved plastic solutions. Create your own raised profile labels at high speed without having to depend on long delivery times.

Raised Profile Labels: the alternative to engraved plates


Our Raised Profile Labels give all the benefits of the raised panel label – they stay stuck, they are highly durable, they have colour options and they have shape options PLUS they are less cost per item and they can be produced at speed, in-house, on-demand in low or high volumes.

No waiting for the local service supplier to turn around your job request, engraving is slow and expensive. Create raised labels from data bases or spread sheets effortlessly, with the supplied NiceLabel Pro software. Custom shapes and sizes can be created for you on request.

Available in several sizes and shapes, Raised Profile Labels are designed for applications such as:

  • Switchboards
  • Panel construction
  • Control boxes
  • Control panels or Machine plates

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