Discover the best Resopal / Raised Profile alternative: Resolabels

ResoLabels offer many advantages. The material is cheaper than engraved Resopal plates, very flexible and can be printed at any time with our SMS-430 and SMS TAG-ID2 label systems. No more waiting on suppliers because you are now able to produce your own durable raised profile labels, quickly – easily – and in-house!

ResoLabels vs. Resopal plates

Rebo Systems will move you into a modern method of marking and labelling that replaces old, engraved metal solutions. Our Raised Profile Labels give all the benefits of the raised panel label – they stay stuck, they are highly durable, they have colour options and they have shape options PLUS they are less cost per item and they can be produced at speed, in-house, on-demand in low or high volumes.

Resolabels are available in various sizes making them suitable for many different purposes, such as:

  • Switchgear cabinets
  • Panel construction
  • Control boxes
  • Control panels or as machine plates

For more information about the possibilities for your application, feel free to contact us!

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Choose a printer for your ResoLabels


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Print speed up to 10cm p/sec.
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection

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