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Immediate recognition by means of an ID label is important to quickly check, repair or replace the product, device or machine. ID labels come in many shapes, sizes and designs and for various specific purposes. This allows you to print unique barcodes, QR codes and other graphics on the label in addition to serial numbers, contact details and logos.

Product ID & Equipment ID labels

An ID label or Identification Label must be durable and remainhighly visible over time. We have various high-quality label materials for this in our range. We also have a number of tamper-proof materials such as VOID material and labels that fragment on removal.

The High-Tack adhesive ensures extremely good adhesion for a long time.

Whether a product is part of an extensive production line or a stand-alone item, we have a solution for every application!

Feel free to contact us for the various possibilities.

Machine identification labels

A (new) machine must meet many requirements. Therefore, make sure your machines have all necessary markings such as type plates, CE certification and operating instructions.

You can label your machines with, for example serial numbers, manufacturing data and specific features, but also logos, technical drawings and other graphics are among the possibilities!

With our professional Sign & Label systems you can print your own ID labels within seconds.

Our High-Tack vinyl is ideal for difficult surfaces such as a greasy surface, powder-coated material, dirt-repellent plastic etc. We also have materials that can withstand low or high temperatures.

Choose a system for your ID labels


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Print speed up to 10cm p/sec
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 101mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Portable & IT independent
  • USB-A & USB-B connection


  • Print over 10 metres long

  • Multicolour signs & labels

  • Plotter cuts any shape

  • “Ribbon Saving” technology