SMS-TAG-ID2 | Die-cut labels, Specials & Print ribbons

For our SMS-TAG-ID2 systems we have a large stock of die-cut labels and print ribbons in many colours and sizes. The durable SMS materials are of very high quality and suitable for a wide range of applications including:

Machine plates Lock-out/Tag-out tags
Asset Identification Warehouse and location labels
inspection stickers Wire marking and Cable coding

Standard materials

Industrial Vinyl (E300)

Vinyl with standard adhesion, ideal for general signs and labels for indoor and outdoor use. Lifetime: average 3 to 5 years UV resistant when used outdoors.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

Industrial Vinyl (ST700)

Premium vinyl with high adhesive strength, for durable industrial labels for long-term indoor and outdoor use. Lifetime: 7 – 8 years UV resistant when used outdoors.

Colours: 16 (see overview)

High-Tack Vinyl (HT700)

Durable vinyl with extremely high adhesion, suitable for difficult substrates such as dirt-repellent plastic, slightly greasy substrates, tiles, wood, etc.

Colours: 16 (see overview)

Industrial Polyester (PT300/500/700)

Polyester with high adhesive strength, ideal for nameplates, ID labels and other durable applications. For long-term industrial use at temperatures from -40°C to 120°C.

Colours: 14 (see overview)

Special materials

RePLACE Vinyl (M300)

Repositionable tapes that adhere not only to metal but also to substrates such as plastic, cardboard and wood.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

Removable Vinyl (R300)

Removable tapes especially suitable for temporary product and location identification. For both indoor and (short-term) outdoor use.

Colour: White

VOID Polyester (PV500)

Fraud-resistant tape for sealing/securing objects. After the label is removed, the text VOID remains visible.

Colour: Matte-aluminium

Tags (T300)

Extremely tough non-adhesive tags are tear-proof, UV-, moisture- and chemical-resistant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Colours: 7 (see overview)

Wire-wraps / Wrap-around labels (WI100)

Transparent wire-wraps provide a self-laminating protective layer that is resistant to oil, water and solvents.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

Shrink tubes / Cable sleeves (ES100)

Printable shrink sleeves ensure maximum insulation protection and permanent identification of wires/cables.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

Cable Tags (EC100)

High-quality cable ID tags for harsh conditions. Attachable with Tie-Wraps. Halogen-free and flame-retardant.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

ResoLabels (RL100)

The alternative to resopal plates: Thickened labels of durable quality for machine and button designations.

Colours: 2 (see overview)

GHS Labels

Ideal for chemical and laboratory applications. Available in paper and polyester (autoclave) and pre-printed with red diamonds.

Colour: White with red squares (see overview)

Print ribbons

Industrial Print ribbon (SR10)

Durable (resin) print ribbons available in various colours and widths. For permanent and scratch-resistant printing.

Colours: 12 (see overview)

Special Print ribbons (SR20)

Durable (resin) print ribbon for printing on polyester and special materials such as wire-wraps and shrink sleeves etc.

Colour: Black

Wax Print ribbon (SR30)

Durable (resin) print ribbons available in various colours. For permanent and scratch-resistant printing on all your labels.

Colour: Black

Extreme Chemical Print ribbon (SR40)

This print ribbon has better resistance to acetone etc. For printing on ST700 and various Polyester materials.

Colour: Black