Labels for Machinery & Mechanical Engineering

On your specific machines, you must comply with the safety standards and the CE and/or UL certification.
This requires mandatory labels, such as a type plates, machine instructions, safety texts and pictograms.

Many companies opt for a Rebo industrial label printer because they no longer want to be dependent on suppliers or other third parties. When a specific label is required, it can be designed and printed directly using our printers & software.

We have over 40 years of experience in the machinery industry and offer a wide choice of tape materials and label printers that are extremely suitable for machine identification & coding. On this page you will find information about various applications within this industry.

The advantages of printing your own machinery labels are clear:

Printing using a Rebo SMS labelprinter

  • Direct printing, no waiting times

  • Only print what you need, no stock
  • Unique labels in your own style
  • Professional look and feel
  • Industrial quality and high durability

Ordered from a supplier

  • Depending on supplier, long waiting times
  • Larger quantities often required

  • Little choice, standard layouts

  • Basic appearance

  • Standard quality and short durability

Machine plates with CE marking

Machine stickers with UL marking

Fraud proof machine stickers

Luxury machine stickers – Resolabels

Heavy duty machine identification

Test & Inspection stickers

CE marking on machines

When traded or put into service after 1 January 1995 the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC must be fully complied with for all new independently operating machinery, for trade and/or own use. This requirement also applies to second-hand machinery imported from outside the European Economic Area* (EEA), to modified machinery with hazards and risks that differ from the original design and to machinery with a different intended use.

Practical situation:
You’re importing machines from Asia, but after your modification the original type plates no longer contain the correct technical data and safety symbols required by the CE directives in the EU.

Your machines cannot leave until this has been arranged!

With a Rebo type plate printer you can easily print your personalized machine plates with CE marking on high quality tape materials. Our labeling software also includes a complete safety symbol library to import and use in any designs. Discover how easily you can provide your machines with all of the correct markings and labels. Simply change the label materials and keep printing!

Recommended material: PT700 Matt Alu & Semi Gloss Alu Polyester with high adhesive strength.

CE marking for steel structures (EN-1090-1)

Practical situation:
From 1 July 2014, all parts of a load bearing steel structure must have CE marking in accordance with the NEN-EN 1090 directives.

A construction product may no longer be placed on the market without CE marking if a harmonised European standard has been published for the product. This measure places high demands on the traceability of construction parts.

This traceability requirement requires a high-quality label that is scratch-resistant, very difficult to remove, and should be UV resistant for years. You can easily meet these requirements by providing your structural components with our high-tack polyester tapes (white or aluminium coloured) printed with our SR10 Resin ink ribbon.

Recommended material: PT700 Hightack Gloss Polyester white or high-adhesive aluminum.

More info about NEN-EN 1090-1? Visit this page

UL-marking on export

Practical situation:
You want to export industrial control cabinets to the U.S. but your CE mark does not apply here. They must comply with the UL 508A directive. In addition to the fact that your control cabinet must comply with this, it is also required that the label is UL-certified.

Your machines can’t be shipped until this has been fixed!

Design your personalised type plates and print them on our UL-certified white and aluminum polyester tapes.

Recommended material: UL-listed PT700 white or aluminum coloured polyester.

Visit the official UL website: Click here

Identification for Refrigeration and Cooling Installations

Practical situation:
A part of the PED mandatory certification is that on all supplied refrigeration systems, a license plate is mandatory on which the technical specifications and filling data are mentioned and, if necessary, an instruction card is placed.

If you do not provide the installation with a license plate, it is not PED certified and you in violation of the law.

With a Rebo label printer you can easily print all installation data and your logo on the scratch-resistant and UV-resistant identification plate in seconds. You also have the possibility to add an instruction card to your license plate or print it out separately.

Recommended material: Durable white of semi-glossy aluminum polyester.

Additional information about PED certification can be found here

Machine plates with printed 1D barcodes or 2D QR codes

Practical situation:
Service technicians and engineers would like to have a quick insight into the maintenance data of the installation in case of malfunctions and maintenance.

Manually searching and typing data takes time and can lead to errors.

You can print a unique QR barcode on the machine plate so that the engineer can scan it and directly connect to the online maintenance software to see it’s maintenance history. These barcodes can, of course, also be printed as separate asset labels so that during maintenance stops, all machine and installation parts can be viewed quickly. The surface on which you apply these labels can be very diverse and these critical labels must remain intact under the toughest conditions. We therefore recommend using our High-tack tapes with extreme adhesive strength.

Recommended material: HT700 High-tack Vinyl of PT700 High-tack Glossy Polyester.

Prevent warranty fraud

Practical situation:
You supply valuable hardware with a certain warranty period. Within this period of time (e.g. due to a malfunction) users will make changes or repairs themselves that will damage the equipment or machine. However, it is difficult for the manufacturer to prove that the customer caused this himself.

Of course you agree with the customer – as the customer is king – but there is a wrongful claim on the warranty.

For fraud-sensitive equipment and products, we advise you to print on our VOID tape, which captures all important data in a fraud-proof label.
This label seals access to the equipment. If a user wants to remove the label it will leave the text VOID and the label will not be usable again. It is then clearly visible that the equipment has been tampered with and you can prove that the warranty claim is not valid.

Recommended material: PV500 Void Polyester

Resolables – the alternative to engraved resopal plates

Practical situation:
You have accepted a project and the specifications mention Resopal plates. Ordering these plates is often time consuming and expensive.

You are dependent on the long delivery times of your supplier and the high production costs for smaller quantities.

Our Resolables are the perfect alternative and in most cases are seen as an equivalent product.
This material consists of a 2mm high quality foam tape coated with a white or silver polyester film. It is therefore a thickened “label” but looks and feels like an engraved solid plate. Big advantage is that you can design and print it resolutely easy yourself, you don’t have to wait anymore and you have less costs.
The quality of the material and the print is very high because you print the Resolabel with our ultra-strong SR10 Resin ribbon and you are assured of a scratch-resistant print that is suitable for years of industrial indoor and outdoor use.

Recommended material: RL100 Resolabels

Heavy Duty Identification for extreme conditions

Practical situation:
You develop machines that are exposed to severe conditions such as mechanical stress, cleaning under high pressure and/or with chemicals, weather influences or extremely high/cold temperatures

You are looking for a label (material) that is extra durable / permanently connected to your equipment and also complies with the set guidelines / requirements.

Our PT700 aluminium polyester line is standard provided with a non-aging permanent adhesive layer. This material is standard scratch resistant, light chemical resistant and UV and weather resistant. In addition, we can supply this material with a special High-tack adhesive layer so that your label will adhere even on a very difficult surface.

For the most extreme situations we have developed a laminate that you can easily apply as an extra protective layer on the label, making it even more resistant to UV and chemicals.

Recommended material: PT700 Polyester

Serial plates in your own corporate style?

If you would also like to use your corporate identity colours for the type plates (e.g. full colour logo), we also offer the possibility to pre-print your serial and rating plates, after which you can use the Rebo printer to print the variable data.

Big-size machine plate printing?

In addition to the most common formats, the SMS-900 series and DuraLabel Kodiak allow you to print type plates and license plates up to A4 size!

Recommended printers for your Machinery labels:


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Print speed up to 10cm p/sec
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 104mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Automatic cutter
  • USB & LAN connection


  • Print up to 101mm wide
  • 300 DPI print resolution
  • Portable & IT independant
  • USB-A & USB-B connection


  • Print ruim 10 meter lang

  • Meerkleuren signs & labels

  • Plotter snijdt elk gewenste vorm

  • “Ribbon Saving” technologie