Streamline your labeling and improve print productivity

Control labor costs, eliminate errors and improve print productivity

NiceLabel’s all-inclusive suite of Design and Controlled Print software helps you quickly design dynamic label templates and optimize the efficiency and accuracy of the printing process. Eliminate printing errors by adapting the printing interface to the user and process or by integrating labeling with your existing applications and master data.

Label design

Get started and finished with label design today

The new NiceLabel designer delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience.
This means anyone can quickly design professional labels without previous knowledge of barcoding or designer training.

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Label printing

Eliminate printing errors and improve print productivity

The true cost of labeling is the cost associated with printing errors, mislabeling and even product recalls or fines. Other costs that should also be taken into account are labor and training.
Best practice is to minimize these costs by integrating and automating label printing with your existing business applications or, for manual printing, customizing the printing interface to the user’s and the processes’ needs.

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Label design

So new. And so familiar.

The NiceLabel Designer delivers the familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience. This means anyone can quickly design professional labels without barcoding, design or advanced computer skills. Use one of the predesigned label templates or create one from scratch in minutes even if you have never done it before.

Everything you need to get started and get the job done quickly

You get all design features you need. You don’t need any coding or training to
design perfect labels in minutes.

All-inclusive label designer for the office user

Labels are unique documents and designing them with tools not built for the job can be challenging. The NiceLabel Designer makes this task easy for anyone. It’s packed with graphical design features and you don’t need coding skills or training to create labels in minutes.

The Designer comes with many pre-built templates that you can modify to meet your requirements. Alternatively, NiceLabel’s global partner network is available locally to help you design labels tailored to your needs.

Simplicity out of the box

Design like a pro, even if you’re a novice
Guidelines, positioning, anchoring, alignment, grouping and other features help you quickly design professional labels.

Pre-built compliance labels
NiceLabel comes with a library of pre-built labels that align with industry standards like GS1, AIAG, ODETTE, GM, VDA, etc.

All the help you need
NiceLabel provides shortcuts, on-screen hints, error warnings, and explanations to ensure you get all the help you need to quickly create accurate labels.

Universal label templates reduce complexity and cost

Designed to minimize the number of label variations you need

NiceLabel enables the design of universal, intelligent label templates with dynamic content. Even the most complex labels such as chemical, food and garment care labels can be designed quickly and linked to dynamic data sources.

NiceLabel’s label templates are universal. You can use the same template with any printer brand and model, even printers with different resolutions. You don’t need to design different labels for different printers to get the same consistent output and fast printing performance.

Rich and responsive text objects
NiceLabel automatically wraps your text or adjusts font size to ensure your dynamic data fits into the designated area.

All the languages you need
Every part of NiceLabel supports foreign languages including its user interface, help system and user guides. Label content can by printed in any language with multiple languages appearing on the same label.

Powerful, unique features
Intelligent features like; relative object positioning, variable label length and double-sided printing help reduce the number of template variations you need to create.

Data – ensure accuracy and minimize errors

Designing and printing labels is a critical business function. Data accuracy is essential and best practice is to minimize or eliminate manual data entry and avoid changes to label templates at the point of printing. NiceLabel recommends that you separate the label template design and label data.

Use an Excel spreadsheet or a database to host your data instead of designing a different label template for each product. NiceLabel is the only vendor that provides spreadsheet and database connectivity across its entire product line.

Database connectivity

Anyone can connect to an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database using the NiceLabel wizard. Advanced users can connect labels with server databases.

  • Easily connect to Excel and text files
  • Connect to SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • OLE DB and ODBC provide connectivity to almost any other database
  • Connection to multiple databases and tables on the same label
  • Import dynamic graphics from databases (BLOB)
  • Custom SQL data queries for advanced queries

Data validation, formatting and processing

You often need to print data in a particular format; sometimes joined into a single text or barcode object (i.e. for serialization). This also may be required to comply with industry or customer requirements. NiceLabel helps you meet these needs by providing functions configured via wizards instead of requiring coding.

  • Configurable variables, data-entry rules and error checking
  • GS1-128 barcode wizard for shipper box labels
  • Functions for easy data manipulation and concatenation, and for industry standards including GS1, ANSI, HIBC
  • Advanced VB or Python scripting for custom or special needs

On-demand printing

Controlled printing reduces errors and improves productivity

NiceLabel’s all-inclusive suite of Design & Controlled Print software provides business users with a graphical label and form designer, controlled manual printing application and automation builder for integrating with existing business systems.

This powerful functionality removes the need for programmers to develop their own custom printing front-end or integration applications, which are difficult and costly to maintain. Business users can rapidly create a printing solution that streamlines label printing, prevents errors and mislabeling, reduces labor costs and improves overall print productivity.

Why forms?

Reduce manual printing efforts and achieve new levels of accuracy

Businesses can significantly reduce manual printing effort and achieve new levels of accuracy and control by using PowerForms unmatched on-demand print capabilities. PowerForms features empower business users to create custom printing applications, streamline complex printing processes and eliminating errors.

Prevent printing errors
Users can initiate on-demand printing via a simple scan, touch or minimal data entry and preview the results to ensure accuracy and speed of printing. Label preview offers a visual aide, displaying the entire print job to provide verification of labels to reduce the occurrence of mislabeling. This all helps remove the “guess work” from the print operator while reducing the occurrence of mislabeling.

Simplify the print process for nonskilled workers
Make it easy for nonskilled or seasonal workers to print your labels. Build a printing solution that uses images and icons to replace text or use buttons and touchscreen to remove the need for keyboard skills. You can rapidly onboard new print operators with minimal to no training.

Streamline complex printing processes
Custom forms allow end users to make the necessary decisions to print exactly what they want, when they want it, without deviating from a standard process or workflow. This reduces the manual printing efforts, improves the speed of printing and print productivity.

Maintain label integrity
When operators use printing forms, they don’t have access to the label template, so they can’t accidentally or intentionally modify the label layout or important label content.

Minimize manual data entry
Instead of requiring print operators to manually change label content, connect labels to a database and simplify data entry and selection. Consider initiating on-demand printing via a simple scan or press of a touch screen.

Responsive, touchscreen-ready interface
Resizable buttons and other controls enable you to create a form that adapts automatically to any screen resolution or size.

Made for labeling
Real-time data preview inside of the same forms ensures the user can verify if the label template and data are correct before printing.

Explore the possibilities

Why automation?

Integrated printing with your existing business systems reduces risks of
labeling errors and improves print productivity

Businesses can significantly reduce printing effort and achieve new levels of accuracy and productivity by using the Automation module’s unmatched integration capabilities. Automation’s features empower business users to integrate and automate printing from existing business systems without any coding. Automation also lets you integrate printing with hardware devices such as PLCs or weight scales. Automation empowers you to streamline complex printing processes, eliminating errors and improving print productivity.

Integration without coding
NiceLabel Automation accepts and transforms data in any format so you don’t have to customize your existing business systems or applications.

Works with all printers
NiceLabel Automation uses universal and dynamic label templates that work across thousands of printer models, which substantially reduces number of label variations and simplifies label management.

Data mapping
The built-in data mapping wizard helps you easily extract and map data from common formats like CSV or fixed-width text files. The mapping tool also supports legacy system modernization by supporting data in unstructured formats such as legacy reports or printer commands. Even binary data can be extracted and mapped!

Unmatched performance and reliability
Automation was architected from the ground up for the modern 64-bit multi-core architecture to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient printing capability. Automation is a 100% native 64-bit application that eliminates the need for additional technology layers required by the previous generation of 32-bit applications. Automation includes NiceLabel’s next-generation “64-bit print engine” that takes advantage of new technologies to maximize print productivity while using minimum computer resources.

Business rules for maximum flexibility
Business rules allow for workflows and printing logic to be easily reconfigured, without any coding, so you can rapidly adapt the process to changing requirements without using development resources.

Label Design Basics
Learn about the basic label objects, alignment tools, and variables.

NiceLabel Designer | Label Design Basics

Print from Excel
Learn how to connect your label with an Excel database and print from it.

NiceLabel Designer | Label Design Basics

Dynamic Data Manager
Learn how to use Dynamic Data Manager to manage data connections.

NiceLabel Designer | Label Design Basics

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 Automation Builder (Easy)

 Automation Manager (Easy)

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> Label designer

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