Here you will find a short overview of various types of labels and label applications. Is your application not listed? Ask for the possibilities!

Typeplaten & Kenplaten
Serial plates with CE marking

Rebo offers various solutions for printing type plates and other machine identification with CE mark and logo.

UL certified stickers

Fulfill the UL 508A directive by printing your personalised type plates and stickers on our UL-listed white and aluminium polyester tapes.

CE mark on steel constructions

Industrial label printers and durable materials for CE marking on steel structures (according to the NEN-EN 1090 guidelines).

Heavy duty identification

When your machines or products are exposed to harsh conditions, our heavy duty labels and industrial printers are the solution.

Temper & Fraud-proof identification

Our high quality tamper and fraud proof VOID materials and fragmentary tapes offer the ideal solution for permanent fraud-proof object and asset identification.

Resolabels – Resopal identification

Our thickened printable Resolabels are the perfect alternative to engraved (resopal) plates and rating plates and are easy to print with our systems.

Rating plates & Instruction cards

Print your scratch-resistant and UV-resistant rating plates and instruction cards completely in-house and compliant with the PED-certification.

Asset ID labels

Find out all about our label printers and materials for high quality and tamper-proof asset ID labels with custom logos, traceable QR codes and more!

ID labels
Product & Machine ID Labels

ID labels come in many shapes and designs, according to certain standards and for specific purposes. Print your own product & machine ID labels.

Multi-color location labels

Color differentiation ensures instant recognition and faster action. Discover our all-in-one system for your warehouse signs and location labels.

Location labels in 1 colour

We offer low-cost solutions for creating rack & location labels in single colour(s). Find out which printer best suits your situation!

Removable or Repositionable

For temporary (location) identification we have multiple solutions such as labels that are removable, reusable or magnetic. Print these easily!

Kanban & Shelf labels

A technical warehouse is an incredibly dynamic environment, so you need a printer that is fast, flexible and efficient.

Outdoor storage / Extreme conditions

Are you looking for labels and stickers that adhere to difficult surfaces such as concrete or raw wood? We have a suitable material for every situation.

Warehouse signing

Warehouse signs help visualise locations and situations and we can offer you numerous solutions for warehouse safety & location signs.

Wire-Wraps (wrap-around labels)

The self-laminating wire-wraps protect your cables in harsh conditions and provide permanent coding.

Shrink tubes

Non-adhesive, printable heat shrinkable tubing forms precisely around wires and provides maximum insulation protection and permanent identification.

Cable tags

From un-tearable cable tags to tags that are resistant to throwing jets and high temperatures. Easily attached to your cables using tie-wraps


Flag labels

We offer professional printers that help you produce your flag labels efficiently and quickly. A huge time saver when you’re setting up network or switch cabinets.

ISO 20560-1 Pipe identification

Printing pipe markings according to ISO 20560-1 standards? Take a quick look at our SMS-R1 printer and pipe marker application!

Printing pipe marker tapes

Print your pipe markers on different tape widths and colors using our unique Pipe Marker program.

Calibration & Test stickers

We offer various possibilities for printing your inspection, test and calibration stickers. Personalize them with your own logo and data!

Keuring & Inspectie
Inspection labels

When inspection is involved it is important that you use durable materials that adhere well on difficult surfaces and can endure extreme conditions.

Revision tags – Flange labels

Color coding allows for immediate recognition of the status and with the help of the flange label tear-off parts you register every step in the process.

Rebo TAGS & Lock-out/Tag-out
Lock-out / Tag-out tags

We have various colors and formats Lock-out / Tag-out Tags that are ideal for locking down power sources, rooms and machines.

Maintenance tags

Our various types and colors of maintenance tags (non-adhesive hanging labels) are extremely strong, UV, moisture and chemical resistant.

Vehicle construction plates

Print your tamper-proof vehicle construction boards according to the latest standards. See all the possibilities on this page.

ResoLabels (alternatief Resopal)
Panel & Cabinet construction labels(Resolabels)

Resolabel are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications such as switch and control cabinets, panel construction and luxury product/machine ID.

GHS etiketten
GHS /CLP labels

Rebo is the right partner when it comes to GHS/CLP labels & labelling of chemical substances and mixtures. Let our advisors inform you.

Container labels

Cargo container labels according to ISO 6346 standards and CDC plates. You can print these yourself on weather- and tamper-resistant materials.

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