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Expensive industrial equipment needs to be labelled clearly with ID labels to ensure maintenance is performed correctly, that the operator is given the clearest instructions and the warnings about the hazards connected to the equipment are clear and get attention.

ID labels for products and equipment

Changes are easily made using a Rebo system and it’s easy to label an imported piece of equipment in local language and with locally recognised symbols and warnings.

Our label materials resist oil, high temperature, high abrasion and most aggressive chemicals.

ID label
Machine identificatie

Machine ID labels

A (new) machine must meet many compliances so be very certain to equip your machines with all the necessary indications such as type plates, environmental compliances and instructions.

Label your machines with serials numbers, manufacturing data and specific features but it’s also very easy to add technical drawings, logos and other graphic elements!

Our high-tack vinyl is specially designed to stick on difficult surfaces such as wood, greasy surfaces, concrete, dirt repellant plastics and powder coated material.
But we also supply materials that are temper-proof or resistant to either low or high temperatures.

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